Your account always protected

We know you've invested time, money and effort to built your KAYBO account and we want to protect it.


KAYBO KEEPIN adds an extra layer of security by using PKI and blockchain technology.

No need to worry about hackers and account takeovers because only you will be able to access your account with your PIN and fingerprint.

Convenient management

KAYBO KEEPIN's convenient digital wallet lets you buy, send, and receive K-Coins and cryptocurrencies like ETH, META and LMCH from your mobile phone. You can also find great deals like discounts on K-Coins, exclusive game items, cryptocurrency rewards, and more.

Easy login

Say goodbye to IDs and passwords!

You can log into your KAYBO account

quickly and safely by scanning a QR code.

Keep your KAYBO account protected!

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Coinplug, Inc.

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